Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Orleans

(Jim)......Miracle of all miracles...I'm learning a new to write on this thing....The mystical journey took me to New Orleans Friday, a place I have wanted to go for many years. My brothers, Ron and Don were there a few years ago, and related many stories of the fun, great food, and cooking class they experienced. While chauffeuring Linda to her appointment, Ron sent a text to me.....Eat at Coops Place....then have a Beignet....(Ben-yea) Cafe Du Monde. Talking with Don on the phone last week, while taking Bill and Lesle to New Orleans, he said the same thing. If you know my brothers (and me) very know we seem to ALWAYS find great food wherever we go!

After finding a place to park Linda's truck....bigger than ours, walking with the TomTom it took us directly to Coops Place in the French Quarter, having to pass Cafe Du Monde en route. This created the dilemma of Beignet first, or lunch first. Resisting temptation we followed TomTom to Coops Place. Unique to say the least. Not a lot bigger inside than our rig, the place was packed. We sat next to a local who said this was the place to eat....and eat we did...Phenomenal shrimp gumbo....followed by a shrimp po boy....Thank you brothers.....another 3 pounds gained!

The walk back to the truck did take us once again to Cafe Du bypass this time and another pound or two added after the Beignet! For those back in Alamosa, a beignet is similar to a sopapilla with loads and loads of powdered sugar on them instead of using honey.

Here are some sights we saw along the way. This guy stood like a statue and then suddenly moved.

As for New Orleans, a lot of Katrina leftovers remain, but a lot has been done since we passed through some 16 months ago, but there is much left to do. Still many buildings, homes, stores etc. remain to remind us of what the devastation must have been. All in all, a most interesting place I would like to visit again, and try more of the great food available! Okay....I'm done....enjoy your mystical journey!
As ever Remember you are loved!


  1. Great job, Jim. I look forward to checking in with you guys every a.m. while Mike is fixing my breakfast.

  2. Bobbie you missed a great time in N.O. but I understand your wanting alone time... You guy's are GREAT !

  3. Great Post, Jim! Enjoyed the food reviews and the pictures of New Orleans. We were there a long time ago.....'91 but sure enjoyed it. Hey Bobbie! Have been enjoying your posts,too. Love you guys, C&J


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