Thursday, March 19, 2009

Class Rally-Wednesday

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Here is the pin we got for the rally. Isn't it nice?

Jim got this picture of flowers outside the rally hall. Being from Colorado it is unusual for us to see full-bloomed flowers at this time of year.

Wednesday morning we were served frittatas with biscuits and gravy .... very tasty. In the afternoon we met again for some crafting time. Lesle and Norah checked out a bead store while Paula and I went to the Rosewood Yarn shop.

The evening brought us our Chocolate and Cordial happy hour. It was certainly different and sweet fun. We had several different types of chocolate candies and brownies. It complemented all the different cordials and liqueurs.

The gang loaded up their plates with all the chocolate goodies and then Lesle, Bill and I strolled around and poured samples of all the different liqueurs. It was a sweet sampling to start off the evening. Bob made special deliveries to some of the ladies - making drinks in their mouths using the liqueur 43 and cream. You go Patty and Trish.

Supper was the chili cook off with seven contestants. After dishing out the judges portions they were sent to an rv to sample all the dishes. The rest of us took mini portions of each of the pots to make up our own minds.

Before the judges' decision was announced, each contestant was asked for their special ingredient. One had added brown sugar, Jim's was tomato soup, Bob's was six containers of Wendy's chili and Joe's was "going to Walmart and buying a chili package mix, tomatoes, beans and hamburger" and Joe won! He won a nice apron and pot holder.

Last year when Linda Fleeger describe her duties of setting up our class meeting in Quartzsite, she said it was like trying to herd a bunch of cats. Since then meeting organizers have been called "cat herders". Norah has been a great "cat herder" for this reunion and we got her a set of solar lights to show our appreciation. The evening was great and very enjoyable.

Remember - you are loved.

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