Sunday, March 29, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Friday, Mar 27, 2009, we drove south to Carlsbad Caverns. I was here 50 years ago as part of a tour when I was a teen cadet of the Civil Air Patrol. I wanted Jim to have the awesome experience I had had.

It was a cold, windy day so we figured we might as well be underground today instead of pn a nice day. I put on my long johns, hat, gloves, and scarf as it was extremely windy. Unfortunately the guided tours were already full, so we took the self-guided tour of the Big Room using a rented audio. It was a 1.5 mile walk around....we did take the elevator done the 800 feet.

It was a very interesting tour...very impressive. Glad we decided to come to this area of New Mexico so we could see it.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I think the masonic lodge has meetings there once or twice a year.
    One of the caves back home used to be used as a hospital during the civil war. I used to love exploring caves, you never knew what you might run across.

  2. We want to go there! That's so interesting......thanks for sharing the pictures & your smiling faces. Jan and Chuck


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