Monday, March 9, 2009

To New Orleans Again

We made another trip to New Orleans yesterday to pick up Bill and Lesle from their western Caribbean cruise. We left around 6 am and got to the Port of New Orleans shortly before Bill and Lesle got off....good timing.

We drove directly to Biloxi and had lunch at Isle of Capri Casino, which was very good and only $7 for lunch - they have crab legs for dinner and only charge $9; very reasonable.

Lesle and I snoozed in the back seat on the way back; we got home about 3:30. Luckily we were home in time to go to the ice cream social at 6 pm :))

Thanks to Linda B and Linda S for watching our "babies" for us so we could travel without the pups as it was warm and we are very mindful of leaving the dogs in the truck on a warm day.

Today will be a busy day as we leave tomorrow on our first leg of returning to the west and back to Colorado. So it is a big cleaning day, reorganize all the stuff in the cabinets to minimize shifting while we drive. This requires stuffing rolls of paper towels, bath towels, etc. at the ends of the cabinets. A full cabinet is the easiest solution to items shifting. I try to keep canned goods and condiment bottles in shoe boxes to keep them from spilling over. Yes, we have the rubberize shelf liners, BUT the liners shift in the forward momentum of traveling. I'm going to try to anchor down the shelf liners with poster putty to try and keep in place.

We are going to drive to New Iberia, Louisiana, tomorrow as we want to revisit Avery Island where they make Tabasco. It was one of the highlights of our trips last year and we want to show it off to Bill and Lesle. Then we will drive to Livingston, Texas, headquarters for Escapees RV Club members - its like going to Mecca for Escapees. We'll stay there a couple of days and then drive to Boerne outside of San Antonio for our graduating class of 2007 reunion. That is, Escapees us who "graduated" from working to fulltime rving. There will be about 20 rigs gathering in Boerne; we last met as a group in Quartzsite, Arizona, a year ago January.

By the way, for all my knitting friends, there are two super looking yarn shops right in Boerne. One is called Rosewood Yarns and the other is Ewe & I, which looks very eclectic. Oh, Salai, I did start knitting that denim yarn hurry up with that scarf.

Today will be the last crochet class I will be attending here at Escapees Plantation. One of the ladies will be teaching us a new project using recycled plastic grocery bags. The ladies in this class sure have been innovative in coming up with interesting crocheted bags from recycled bags. The brown bags are really prized as all the grocery stores here and Walmart use white bags. The ladies tell their husbands to go buy something at Home Depot as they have brown bags with orange graphics that crochet up nicely.
More tomorrow - remember you are loved!

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