Tuesday, March 31, 2009

High Winds-Lakewood, NM

Monday proved the weather prediction was correct as we had very, very high winds. Jim said weatherbug showed we had gusts up to 51 MPH. Not a good day to be on the road, so we sat still....well, not really still as we were battered around pretty good. Did get the laundry done though.

We all had dinner at Pizza Hut in Artesia last night - our last meal together. We spent our last evening watching The Librarian II.

This will be our departure point with Bill and Lesle as they go to Albuquerque and then to Trinidad, CO on Lesle's sister's property. We will drive this morning to Magdalena then Santa Fe. We have been together and traveled together since last October, so it will be very difficult to leave them and not have our daily visits. We have shared so many things together...it really is like leaving family.

Thank you so much Bill and Lesle for your companionship, friendship and adventure. We learned more card games from you, shared recipes, computer insights and so much laughter. You will be missed.

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  1. Bill & Lesle cried several times today after separating from Bobbie & Jim - good friends are even better than family because they are family of the soul! We love you! Lesle & Bill


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