Monday, March 23, 2009

Class of 07 photos-then and now

When the Class of 07 met in Quartzsite, Arizona last year we had a photo taken by an ultra-light aircraft that flew over the area we staked out. We formed a human "07" to commemorate the occasion. Many of the rigs circled around the campfire to try and block out the wind at night. So here we are in January, 2008 in Quartzsite.....

And here we are in Boerne, Texas, March 2009. We figured we'd do the "human 07" every reunion as a tradition. We all gave the "Molly wave" in honor of Molly Pinner who had shoulder surgery just before Quartzsite and had to extend her arm in the air several times a day for therapy. We all just got in the habit of raising our arms at the same time, so she didn't stand out by herself. It became the "Molly wave".

Nice memories!

Remember, you are loved!

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