Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bill & Rosa's Steakhouse-D'Hanis, Texas

Classmates together again...can't get enough of each other.

Last night we went to Bill & Rosa's Steakhouse in nearby D'Hanis which is only 1.5 miles west of the park. This place is full of animal heads on the walls including a mounted snake skin complete with rattlers. There were old rusted gas and soda signs as well as and old movie posters on the walls as well. Very eclectic.

Folks in the park warned us the meals were huge, so Jim and I decided we would share a meal. We got the chicken fried steak...look at the size of the full order. I told Jim to put his hand along side so you could get a prospective of the size of this monster.
That one order is 16 oz of meat all in one piece and costs $13.99 and it came with salad, mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli and a roll. Needless to say, we took home 3/4 of the serving.

Here Trish shows how big her half order was.

And here is Bill's Billy Country Friend Steak with cheese and bacon - no gravy comes with this one.

Lesle was sensible and ordered the chicken schnizel which was heavenly thin and delicately breaded with a squirt of lemon juice. Very nice.

We rolled back to the park and spent the evening playing Hand and Foot in the club house. Very, very enjoyable evening with friends.

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