Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scenic Highway 98

Yesterday Jim and I drove up to Spanish Fort, Alabama, and visited the new Bass Pro Shop they built last year. It is huge - 140,000 square feet to be exact. They have a 42,000 gallon aquarium filled by a waterfall - it is awesome!

Then we took the drive home taking the Scenic Highway 98 along the east coast of Mobile Bay. It was a beautiful drive through some of Alabama's prettiest country. The houses along the coast were magnificent. Most had their own private wharfs out into the bay. We saw Spanish moss hanging from trees like we saw in Florida.

We stopped at Fairhope's Municipal Pier, but it was cold and windy with the water all choppy and murky.

Did see a lot of Purple Martin nesting condos about 20 feet off shore. Looked like bat houses. Some were very interesting looking to say the least.

We did go by the third restaurant recommended by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in Daphne, but didn't stop. They are known for their soft shell crab sandwiches. Maybe another time we'll have a chance to stop by and eat.

They purport to have the largest collection of Jim Beam decanters in the world.

After we got home we were invited to play cards with two other couples in the shed of the property they were parked on. The shed was small, but cozy. We had a small heater going so it was warm. The clubhouse was refinishing their floors so we didn't want to go in there and smell fumes; most people's rigs can't accommodate six people, so having a big enough gardening shed is a real plus to entertainment.

Remember - you are loved!

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