Friday, March 27, 2009

Joe wouldn't like this - SNOW

No, Joe wouldn't like what we saw as we woke up this morning. That is snow in Lakewood, New Mexico, at The Ranch. There was only a sciff of snow on the ground but the vehicles were covered. This is after an evening of howling winds reaching 45-50 MPH. I slept little because I was afraid the rig would topple over.

Here is Bill and Lesle's truck with our vehicles in the background. Also the chairs Bill and Jim sat in while they barbequed chicken and ribs that we had for dinner last night.

But we do have memories of our cruise to the Bahamas and we are warmed!

Since the weather is predicted to be only in the high 30s today, we figure we'll go underground and go on a tour of the Carlsbad Caverns. Probably will be warmer down there!

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Oh my goodness. Joe wouldn't be the only that wouldn't like the snow. Burr!!!!! Stay warm.


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