Friday, March 6, 2009

Two Lindas and Sides

The Two Lindas arrived in Summerdale yesterday, coming from Florida. They had some mechanical problems and got waylaid in Ocala an extra day. These dear two ladies worked with us at and we saw them again in Bushnell last month. We gave them the grand tour of the area to get the lay of the land, so to speak. Jim and I finally got to see Orange Beach and the view of the Gulf was very, very pretty. We all took a short walk on the beach. The sand is very white and very fine so it looks and feels like sugar on your hands - nice.

In the evening we joined up with Dennis and Colette Sides, who also worked at They are workamping at a nearby rv park and it was so good to see them again and all be together. We all met at the Shrimp Basket for a great dinner.

So this morning Jim drove with Linda B. (sitting next to me above) and Colette to Metarie, west of New Orleans, so she could pick up her Louisiana nursing license. They will stop in New Orleans on their way back to see the sights.

Jim has always wanted to go to New Orleans and his brothers have told him many stories of their visits, and he wanted to see the French Quarter for himself. We drove over there last Sunday when we took our friends Lesle and Bill to New Orleans to catch their cruise ship. Call it bad vibs or whatever, but my Spirit was screaming "get me out of here". I did not like New Orleans. The buildings are tall and the streets narrow and just closed in on me.

Last Sunday we did stop in Biloxi, Mississippi,on the way back from New Orleans and ate at Boomtown Casino's fabulous seafood buffet. Unfortunately, they remodeled since we were there last year and the buffet ($22 each) was not as good - no king crab legs now - but it was ok. This Sunday when we go back to pick up Lesle and Bill we'll stop at Isle of Capri Casino as they are having special pricing and their seafood buffet is $11 a piece.

I'm happy Jim gets to check off an item on his Bucket List by visiting New Orleans today and I get to have an unusual day to myself. God love this fulltime rv lifestyle, but you are with your partner 24/7 and although Jim takes a lot of walks throughout the day, it is a little treat to actually have a whole day by myself. I plan on shutting off the tv, put on the XM radio to the opera music station, setting up the sewing machine and sing along to Madam Butterfly while I quilt on that firefighters panel wallhanging I showed you a couple weeks ago.

The weather yesterday was fabulous and blessedly warm, so hopefully I can also sit outside in the sun for a little bit and soak up the warmth, while reading the latest Knit Picks catalog and dream of yarn.
Remember - you are loved!

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