Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shucks and Museum Cafe

Yesterday, Saturday, Linda wanted to go to Riverfront Restaurant to get some of her beloved crab cakes.  But, alas, Riverfront is not open for lunch on Saturdays.  Why is that?  They are open for lunch other days, but not Saturday.  Oh, well, onward.  So drove down the street a bit and went to Shucks (my personal favorite anyway).

At 12:45 p.m. the place was full and we had to wait a bit before we were seated.  However, they had $3 Bloody Marys so all’s well.  With all the spice and seasoning in a Bloody Mary I don’t even miss the alcohol.  You even get a serving of veggies with the olive, okra and green beans they use as garnish.

DSCN2207     DSCN2208

You know how you always kind of know what your spouse is going to order at a particular restaurant.  Well, Jim surprised me by his lunch order….half dozen raw oysters and a cup of oyster stew.  And these babies were huge; in fact, Jim cut them in half and that piece even overlapped the saltine cracker.  Everyone was happy with their meal. 

Jim’s oysters
Linda’s stuffed crab
Other Jim’s shrimp patty
My crab cake…so good!

When we finished it was time to go to Museum CafĂ© for their jam session.  When we got there the place was full and kept getting busier as time went on.  The band was good and our folks did some dancing.

DSCN2225       DSCN2230

DSCN2222       DSCN2223

Laura has the same camera I have and she was telling me about a “painting” feature that makes a photo look more like a drawing.  Here’s an example of how it changes a shot.  Kind of an interesting affect.


On our return to Betty’s we had happy hour, but the Olympics were on so I ducked out early to watch.  I like all the skating events.

Hope you had as much fun on your Saturday as we did.  Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Another gem, miss that food but mostly you all!! Love ya! Ann ( the lady who forgot to sign yesterday :(


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