Saturday, February 8, 2014

Abshire’s–Toogie and Lane

As usual when you come to Betty’s RV Park, you hit the floor running as soon as your rig is set up.  Something  (and usually several things) going on everyday, all day long.

Such was our second day here.  At 11:30 a.m. 12 of us headed out to Kaplan to Abshire’s Corner Grocery, and like most little groceries in Louisiana, it has a lunch counter and a few tables. 

DSCN2172      DSCN2173

There’s a few groceries, chips, pop and beer

DSCN2186       DSCN2185





We liked the way they artfully stored the toilet paper



We pulled all the tables together and even got a couple of chairs from outside so we could all eat together.


The cooking is done right behind the counter so we ate in shifts as the owner was able to cook the different orders.  In this collage you have the daily lunch plate of shrimp stew on rice with half a crab cake, fried catfish and mashed potatoes. Next is eggplant fries.  Have you every heard of them?  I tried one and they were luscious. Then there is a Cajun sausage that was very spicy.  Next on the bottom left is a super stuffed shrimp po’boy.  Several of us had lots of grilled shrimp salad that was delicious with grilled onions and mushrooms on top. 


We waddled out, dropped off our carpool folks and then went shopping for hors d’oeurvre fixins….you need a lot of them when at Betty’s. At 4:30 we went to happy hour.  I’m trying to be healthy so I fixed roasted broccoli with coconut oil and garlic – it was well received. 

Betty arranged for musicians to come over to entertain us.  Here is Toogie (Two-gee) on the accordion and singer Lane on the guitar.  Oh, man, they were good!!!! They played Cajun, Swamp and Country music.  Toogie is self-taught on the accordion and brought three Martin accordions with him, each in a different key.

DSCN2204       DSCN2192
We all really enjoyed their energetic renditions.

DSCN2195       DSCN2197
Soon dancing started in the 3x5 dance floor (ha-ha) and shortly after people went and got liquor for sampling. Here Dodo “plays the tie” a washboard shaped like a tie and that’s Jim being happy.

Here’s Merlene and Dan dance in bringing some samples and Bernie acting as the ‘walking bartender” serving different samples.
DSCN2202     DSCN2201
Everybody had such a good, as we always do here at Betty’s RV Park.


Remember, you are loved.


  1. Miss you all and great post, Bobbie! Hated not seeing that wonderful accordion kid this year!

  2. LOVE the pictures!!! And blog! Thanks, Bobbie!

  3. Wow.. it just makes you want to patronize little grocery places that are like that.. .depending on every sale and giving great service!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Every little town has it's own independent convenience store or little grocery stores and they almost all have a lunch counter and kitchen to serve food, mostly to local working folk. We have found and patronize a number of them because the food is outstanding; normally family recipes handed down from one generation to another.


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