Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pork Butt Potluck

Yesterday Linda and I went and did laundry and then had lunch at Chili’s.  The weather has turned nice and warm and I realized I didn’t have many short-sleeved shirts.  (During the summer we wear company uniform shirts as we workamp as camp hosts so I didn’t need “civilian” shirts.) So Linda and I went to Walmart and I bought three tee shirts.

Soon it was happy hour and it was nice enough for us to sit outside in the patio.


Debbie found these tiny “red solo cups” the size of shot glasses. Fireball has become the unofficial drink here at Betty’s

Debbie showed us her feathered mask
Then Debbie came out with her “Chicken Run” hat that she made
Merlene brought out her feathered wine glass cover

About 5:30 we had our weekly potluck (usually on Sunday because most restaurants in town are closed, but changed to Monday because of the Scott Mardi Gras parade last Sunday).  Wendell and Ruth volunteered to cook pork butts this week and they came out delicious!

The rest of us brought salad and veggie sides and desserts and boy did we have a nice spread.  I brought a cake as I’m getting rid of all my flour products.  That’s the last packaged product item I have…Jim still has his crackers and chips.


Lynn brought a homemade King Cake that received rave reviews, but she didn’t put in “the baby” so no one was required to bring a King Cake the next day, which is the custom.


The meal was wonderful and very much enjoyed.


After dinner the partying began….and boy did we get wound up!  Pretty soon folks brought out their bottles to sample and everyone was tasting different liquors.

Soon Dan brought out his guitar, Barb played her “tie” washboard and Dodo kept rhythm with a shaker.

DSCN2500 DSCN2502
Betty and Debbie enjoying a funny story
Celine and Barb singing together

It was a fun, fun evening and was another great day being at Betty’s RV Park here in Abbeville, Louisiana.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. We, along with three other RVing couples, were the first Escapees to Betty's park which was much smaller at that time. She is one special lady ... love her to pieces! Great pictures, especially the aerial view. Looking forward to a few days at Betty's later this month. MJ


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