Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coushatta Casino-Kinder, Louisiana

We brought Tato-Nut donuts to Sandy and Charles as our parting gift before we all departed Davis Bayou.  Sandy and Charles are going to Betty’s in Abbeville and we drove to Red Shoes RV Park here at the casino in Kinder.

It was an uneventful drive except for those stretches of road on I-10 that are still gut-wrenching major bouncy-bouncy.  We got to Kinder about 2 p.m. pulling in right next to the Mossmans, who had just arrived ahead of us.  I’d say that was good timing.  It was so good to see the Mossmans again after three months.

After check-in and setting up we sat outside for happy hour.  It was 75*!!!!!  That’s the warmest I’ve been in months!!!  I had to go inside and take off my long underwear and put on a short sleeved shirt.

After a while we called for the shuttle and went to the casino for a late lunch and a little “ching-ching” recreation.  Well, Jim and I took away what Jim and Linda left behind, so to speak, so it’s all good.

Since Jim and I had unfortunately gotten up at 4 a.m. we made an early night of it, and then ended up getting up at 4:30 a.m. this morning.  It gets to be an unbreakable rut.

But today is the Super Bowl and we are soooo excited!!!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have happy news to report for the Colorado Broncos!!!!!  We had thought about going to a sports bar in the casino to watch the game, but drinks are expensive and the one small bar will be crowded early.  We didn’t want to have to get there at noon to secure a seat for the 5:30 p.m. game that will last probably till 9 p.m.  So we’ll go over to the Mossman’s place and watch on their larger TV.  Thinking of putting together an artichoke and spinach dip and then maybe a pot of chili.

Well, here’s hoping I have good news to share with you tomorrow.  So you remember, you are loved.

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  1. Oh, SO SAD about the Broncos! We had no tv, but I kept checking online and kept saying OH, NOOOOOO! Well, that's the way it goes sometimes. But, I'm sure you had fun with the Mossmans... hello to them from us, also. Quartzsite was even better this year than last... fun people to be with. Now we are enjoying some alone time and resting :) Plus, of course, enjoying the Tucson gem & mineral exhibits. Life is good! Hugs, D & T


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