Friday, February 21, 2014

Pedicure Day

This is my second blog post for today, but I darn not get behind as we are entering the “madness” of Mardi Gras activities starting with this weekend.  We will have at least one if not two or three activities every day for the next two weeks, till Fat Tuesday, March 4th.

Yesterday most of the ladies went to have pedicures. First the ladies picked out their nail colors.


Here we are all lined up with our feet soaking in the water


Since we are preparing for our Mardi Gras Ball at Betty’s the ladies had their big toes decorated for the occasion.

DSCN2399       DSCN2400

It took about 2 1/2 hours to get all 13 of us done. Then it was time for lunch at Shuck’s, my personal favorite place to eat.


There wasn’t enough room for all of us so four of us sat together and enjoyed our lunch.  Look what we had

Sandy had bread pudding for lunch,yes, that’s all..oh, and a bloody mary.
Debbie had the 8 piece oyster sampler…yummy…oh and a frozen cosmo
Linda had a salad and cup of crab and corn chowder.

I had a half order of crab cake with sweet potato fries…the best!

We had a good day….remember, you are loved.

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