Saturday, February 15, 2014

Catfish Fry and Steak Valentine

Last Wednesday I went to Vermilion Parish Public Library here in Abbeville to get a library card.  There are a couple of authors I follow who write one book a year.  Their e-book format are expensive ($10-$12) so I’ve been waiting to read them till I got back to Colorado where I have a library card.  Charles told me you can get a library card locally so I could check out the books I’ve been waiting to read – plus they have a good selections of e-books, e-magazines and music to download.

This ten year old library is very pretty and has separate sections for adults, children and young adults.


Wednesday night the Cajun Culture Association was


having their annual meeting at Touchet’s with the induction of two new members….Merlene and Dan.



The place was crazy crowded when we arrived after the meeting.

DSCN2290       DSCN2292

When we arrived a couple of the littlest members were showing everyone what they had learned.  Both were about 6-8 years old….one played the fiddle and the other the Cajun accordion. Next the band began to play and they were very good.

DSCN2288       DSCN2294
The place was just too crowded for me so we had one drink and then left.

Thursday after making a bowl of cole slaw for the fish fry, I returned to the library to get some help downloading Overdrive app and their e-books unto my Kindle Fire.  Success finally, but no luck with the needed app to download the e-magazine. Another day….

Betty’s nephew, Jim (he’s Aunt Irene’s son) caught a 32-pound catfish that he chunked up and brought to Betty to share with us.  So, of course, we had a Catfish Fry.  Wendell and Jim C. manned the fryers while the rest of us supplied the side dishes.

DSCN2300 DSCN2301
DSCN2311 DSCN2310

Everyone had a great time together

Watching the pots fry
Ladies wait for dinner
Sharon and Ron arrived and chatted with Laura…where’s Gordon?
Guys watching over the cooking
Jerry and Carol
Lynn, Aunt Irene, Celine and Peggy
Fish is on
Come on and eat

Friday was Valentine’s Day and I had suggested to the group at Betty’s that maybe we could have a grilled steaks instead of each of us going to a restaurant for an expensive dinner.  So that’s what we did.  The day was warm although it was windy. Jim and I did some shopping, ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  Soon Jim heated up the grill and started cooking several people’s steaks for them.

We had baked potatoes, veggies, salads and we finished it off with chocolate coated strawberries and homemade chocolate peanut patties.

Although no photos, we had a wonderful meal shared with friends, which is always the best.

Remember, you are loved.


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  1. so fabulous to have avoided another meal out. . .that gets so pricey so quick! Good for you. . .great suggestion. . .love it!


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