Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peggy’s New Rig

We met many of our blog readers here at Betty’s RV Park, so I wanted them to know about Peggy’s new rig, which she gave me permission to write about.  Jan and John were able to help Peggy’s sell her Class A, 45 foot rig to Lazy Days in Florida.  Lazy Days sent a rep from Florida and picked it up Wednesday morning.


Peggy didn’t want to be here when they drove the rig away, so nine of us ladies took her to lunch, gave her a couple of Bloody Marys and stayed away for three hours till the Class A left and her new rig was delivered from Lafayette and was set up.

We went to El Camino for lunch and they were very kind to let us linger for the time necessary.

DSCN2516      DSCN2518

The food is good with huge servings; look at the burrito in the middle photo compared to Linda’s hand…

DSCN2519 DSCN2523 DSCN2522

Here is Peggy’s new rig a 32 foot KZ manufactured Spree Super Lite travel trailer with an outdoor kitchen (that Marlene has claimed as her own).


Here’s the outdoor kitchen

Cabinet, micro, fridge, drawers and pre-wired for a TV
This shows the two burner stove opened up.

There where too many people inside for me to take photos, but the rig has an island with the sink and two side cabinets, there’s a leather couch and two recliner combo, a separate full bathroom with a huge shower and a king-sized bed.  We were all very impressed with the quality and layout of this travel trailer and we’re all very happy for Peggy. 

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Bobbie:
    Peggy's new rig looks great. Wish we could be there for Mardi Gras. Looking forward to seeing ya'll again.
    Happy trails.

    1. Would like to see you guys here also. Having Betty's Krewe du Bon Tempe Ball tonight. We're all excited about getting dressed up in our ball gowns.

  2. That outdoor kitchen is ridiculous! I bet you guys can't wait to move over and start cookin'!


    1. Peggy said she won't us it so Merlene will.

  3. you know what? Your header photo has a picture of our rig in it I do think... If that picture was taken by an Australian then we are the big rig all by itself on the far right...

    1. Could be yours. I "stole" the photo from Jim Tidball's blog. Best photo to explain this wonderful little RV park.

  4. It's great that Peggy has a lot of support from everyone there. We met Peggy & Paul last Feb. and saw them again in June in SD.
    The new rig looks nice.

  5. Love this new rig and your great description, Bobbie!


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