Saturday, February 1, 2014

Last Two Days in Ocean Springs, MS

It has been so cold here that we haven’t been out much.  But Thursday and Friday were nice so we headed out.

We’ve been watching “The Shed” on the Food Network for a while so we wanted to go see the real thing while here.




This barbeque place was started a shed on a small piece of property of Brad and Brooke’s mom and dad’s RV park.  It grew in popularity till mom and dad were working for their son and daughter.  The “d├ęcor” of the whole place is made up of other people’s “junk”.  In fact there is still a sign that reads “we want your junk”.  Below are photos of the inside.

The Shed

Inside you sit on picnic tables
You order inside here. There is also a souvenir shop.
We ordered the platter with six meats
Uncovered it looked like this

Unfortunately we weren’t very impressed with the quality of the food.  All six meats tasted pretty much the same IMHO. The meat on the ribs fell off the bone so there wasn’t any biting it off at all.  It was all heavily sauced so hard to distinguish the pork from the beef and everything tasted overcooked – even mushy, sorry to say.

Yesterday we started out by visiting Shearwater Pottery featuring the work of the Anderson family. Very well worth a visit. This pottery has been around since 1928 with family members continuing on till today.

DSCN2123     DSCN2125

DSCN2127 DSCN2126
DSCN2128 DSCN2129

Next we went to lunch at BB’s Po’Boy and Seafood as we were missing eating seafood.  This place had great reviews with good reason…it was great!!!  The place was simply decorated, clean, neat and elegant.  We liked.

DSCN2159       DSCN2157

The crawfish bisque was creamy and flavorful
Jim’s gumbo had a depth of flavor.
Seafood Muffeletta with shrimp, oysters and crawfish, so good
Sandy’s New Orleans Muffeletta was warm and very delicious

You’ll know me…not shy…so when I saw the huge shrimp po’boy delivered to a nearby table, I had to go over and ask if I could take a picture.


One wall is decorated with famous customers including Oprah

DSCN2149       DSCN2150

while the other wall was dedicated to photos of the Saints football team (check out the shiny wood ceiling)


Next was a drive around town seeing the beach area with a nice view of the bridge over to Biloxi and the marina with the shrimp boats.

DSCN2139       DSCN2134

We saw the local mortuary (Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Home) and drove down Washington Street and looked at a few of the stores.

DSCN2142     DSCN2145

While Sandy and I walked around Jim and Charles did their favorite pastime while we shop.


One last thing I wanted to do before we left today was to taste gelato, so we took a break and headed to French Kiss Pastries again


Sandy and Jim shared a mini German Chocolate Cake while I had a scoop of caramel and one of pistachio.

DSCN2162        DSCN2163

Got home for a little rest before taking our cocktails with us to the campground’s boat launch to see one final sunset.


We’ve enjoyed our two weeks her in Ocean Springs, MS, and will return in the future.  Davis Bayou Campground is a nice place to stay, inexpensive and centrally located.

Today we are off to Kinder, Louisiana, to meet up with The Mossmans for a little slot machine activity at Coushatta Casino and their Red Shoes RV Park.  See you there.

Remember, you are loved.


    The muffuletta is making my mouth water!!!!!!!

    (although I just had one Wednesday, it wasn't as good looking at the one on your blog!)

    Karen and Steve
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