Monday, February 24, 2014

Savoy and Washington

Saturday we had a delightful time going to the Savoy Music Store in Eunice, Louisiana, once again.  I wrote about the Savoy before when we first went there in January so I won’t go into detail.  It’s an un-amplified Cajun jam session where the older masters of an instrument sit next to a youngster or teenager and they play together.  It is also a place where plain folk can come together with others and play.

DSCN2457       DSCN2458

This is the Savoy’s youngest son
Older gentleman played the triangle every song
Decked out in Mardi Gras shirt and playing accordion
Dan even got into the mix

Love seeing the old timers with the teens


Place got pretty full


We left about 11 a.m. and drove over to Washington for a music fest after their Mardi Gras parade.  Geno de la Fosse was playing and he is our favorite zydeco performer.  He is such a nice, quiet man and always takes time to talk to folks after they play and expresses appreciation to people who come to listen to him and his band.

DSCN2471       DSCN2472


We sat together on the side and watch the band and the dancers

DSCN2481       DSCN2488

There was a lot of good food offered also – barbequed chicken quarters ($3), pork chops ($4) or beans and rice with sausage for just $2.

DSCN2485       DSCN2482

What a nice day full with Cajun and zydeco music and good food….doesn’t get any better for us.


Sunday we were suppose to go to Scott for their parade but it had rained hard and the skies were threatening, so Jim and I stayed home.  A lot of the gang went and had a dry and wonderful time…..oh, well, our loss.  We enjoyed hearing about it last night at happy hour, then watched a bit of the Olympics closing ceremony and finally got to see the end of Daytona 500.  So happy Junior won!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wonderful as usual, Bobbie! Miss that music, food and above all, our friends!! Ann

    1. We all miss you and Tom as well, Ann. But next year you will be here to enjoy all this yourself.

  2. Always like reading your blog posts!

    1. Thank you, Peter, I'm always amazed how people find our little blog. I write it mostly so I won't forget all the things we have done during our time on the road. But I'm always tickled that other folks find it enjoyable as well. Your viewing is appreciated.


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