Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tom’s Head

We met Tom and Ann here at Betty’s and became quick buddies…Ann was born and raised in Denver.  They are also staying here two months so we’ll be doing a bunch of things together.


When we went to lunch at Chef Roy’s Frog City, Tom revealed a interesting fact….he’s a art head.

From the front Tom looks like this

Tom's Tattoo (2)

But from the back Dr. Tom reveals his secret quirkiness

Tom's Tattoo (1)

Don’t you just love it?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I do love it, Bobbie, very good post! Ann Troy

  2. SWEET ! Now that is just plain ol' clever ! Tell Tom he rocks !

  3. How cute. They look like a fun couple, Tom and Ann. Good to know that you and Jim are still out there having fun!! (Not that I had any doubts).

  4. I've really loved your Cajun tour...if only we were a tad bit west toward you! On our list someday....you sure are having the time of your life....what fun!


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