Sunday, November 17, 2013

Breakfast, Farmer’s Market and Museum Cafe

What a fun filled day we had yesterday.  We went out to breakfast with Tom and Ann then walked to the town square to take a look at the Farmer’s Market.

DSCN0769     DSCN0770

n DSCN0772

There were little veggies offered but there were some grapefruits and oranges.  However, there were a lot of jellies, preserves and spreads in the offing.  I bought an eggplant-tomato spread I'm going to bring to happy hour tomorrow.

Then it was on to Museum Café in Erath for another afternoon of music.


Here all are


and then the band asked us to join them on stage for a “photo op”


and then after all that activity we came “home” for our usual happy hour.


Some days here at Betty’s you do nothing, see no one until happy hour….then other days are like this one where you participate in four activities in one day.  We try to “pace” ourselves because it can tire you out…but it’s a good tired….a happy tired out.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Doing nothing and then happy hour sounds good to me.

  2. Howdy B&J,
    My goodness NO COMMENTS at 3:30pm... Darn ol' football games !!! Y'all had one heck of a day yesterday and even got up on the bandstand; why didn't Jim get to pick a little, hah ??? Remember, y'all are too, also !!

    Goof off and y'all just have a HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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