Friday, November 29, 2013

Tennessee for Thanksgiving

We accepted Sandy and Charles Lee’s invitation to drive from Abbeville to Tennessee and have Thanksgiving dinner with them.  We left last Monday and drove (record for us) 614 miles in one day.  We took off at 4:15 a.m. and got here about 4 p.m.

We’ve had a whirlwind of activities since then, which I will blog about next week, but I want to put something up so you know where we are. 

Wednesday they drove us to Opryland in Nashville.  Oh, my, how beautiful.  Here’s the daylight photo of the nativity scene….


 and here is the night time view….


We enjoyed walking through Opryland to see all the holiday decorations


Other scenes deserve a photo on their own



Here is a collage of other scenes of bars, restaurants, etc.

Opryland 2

Here we are for our photo shot

DSCN1109         DSCN1120

As we left we took a couple shots of the outside


















This photo is fuzzy as I took it from the car as we were leaving, but it does show how beautiful the grounds are decorated.


We had a great Thanksgiving with The Lees and their family.  Hope you had a joyful time with those you love as well.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Love the Opryland hotel. Was fortunate to attend a conference there for a week, years ago so got to see the nightly shows of the "dancing fountains" and had a great view of everything from my interior balcony. Glad you got to see it. Beautiful place !

  2. Opryland Hotel is great. Saw it several time's but never at Christmas. That was one long trip.

  3. Howdy B&J,
    Enjoyed the pics, they 're really beautiful !!! Sure glad y'all had a great day !! Remember, y'all are too, also !!!!

    Hope y'all are safe and having a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  4. WOW that was a lot of miles. I think I see a shot of the fountain in The Peabody, did you see the ducks? All real good pictures, thanks for 'taking us along'.

    Wayne & Rhonda

  5. Wow that was a lot of miles. Great pictures, thanks for 'taking us along'.
    Wayne & Rhonda

  6. We have been to the Opryland Hotel, saw it coming back from a soccer tournament in Georgia. It is a big place. I see that it has made a nice recovery from the floods a few years back. Great pictures. Sound like you had a great time.


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