Monday, November 4, 2013

Food and Friends

We sure did eat well while at Cranes Mills COE.  One night Jim C. made his “infamous” barbecue ribs…oh, my goodness, folks, they were marvelous.  Jim M. made a Facebook recipe for macs and cheese using Velveeta, cheddar and Monterey cheeses…it was wonderful.  All in all we had a great dinner.

DSCN0638              DSCN0640


Another night Linda M.’s niece, Allie, and her husband, Paige (who live in San Antonio) came out for dinner.


They are expecting a baby in December so I made them a little hat and booties.

Hanger Hat               DSCN0634

DSCN0633Again we ate pretty darn good.  Jim M. made another recipe floating around Facebook…this one was for goulash (sorry no photo) and it was very tasty…a real keeper. I made a French apple pie.

A couple of days later we met Allie and Paige at the Salt Grass Steakhouse for dinner.  Jim and Linda had eaten at one of these restaurants last year and was very pleased so wanted to go again.

Salt Grass (2)        Salt Grass (3)

 This is a nice upscale restaurant with marvelous food.

Salt Grass (6)
The men all had rib eye steaks
Salt Grass (8)
Allie had stuffed chicken with sweet potato fries
Salt Grass (7)
Linda M. had crab cakes
Salt Grass (5)
I had the crab stack

We had a delightful time together!!!!!!

Salt Grass (1)

Our trip back to Cranes Mill Park was a slow drive through the end of the rush hour, but we got there just in time because about a half hour after we got home the heavens opened up and the rains began to fall….and fall….and fall!!!!  It was a major thunderstorm stalling right over us for 8-9 straight hours.  Heard the next day we got about 10-12 INCHES of rain….unbelievable.  Both the Mossmans and us experienced leaks in our rigs….mostly from the sideways rain blowing under the fan and air conditioning housings.  Two of our leaks were right over the bed….none of us slept all night.  The thunder and lightning was almost constant and very loud and was very scary night.  There was a lot of flash flooding in the Austin area.

The next day we drove to Camping World in New Brunsfels and bought vent covers and a lot of chalking.  The rest of the day was spent with the fellows on the roof of our rigs sealing up everything.  Hopefully we got it all.

The Mossmans left Friday for Whitsett to begin gate guarding for a couple of months.  We spent one more day at Cranes Mill Park and then took off Saturday heading east and ending up in Beaumont at Hidden Lake RV Resort….another Passport America member park the Mossmans recommended.  It was only $17.50 a night, so only $2.50 over the price of staying at the Elks Club here and was very well worth it.  This is a delightful little park that has their own lake…..and they provide Kerig coffee free….yumm.

We stayed here two nights and will take off this morning and head for Betty’s RV Park for a couple of days….now come on, we can’t drive through Louisiana and NOT stop at Betty’s….it’s impossible.  Very excited to see her again and experience her web enclosing us in her warmth.

Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE.


  1. What are your winter plans? Gate guarding? Have fun and be safe.

    1. Not gate guarding this year just going to travel and relax. Probably end up in Alabama for a while at the Escapees RV Club park in Summerdale, AL outside of Foley. We like that area.


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