Monday, November 18, 2013

Completed Knitting Projects

I wanted a warmer hooded cowl to wear when gate guarding so I knitted this bulky wool one (color coordinated to the orange hoodie I wear gate guarding).  But now we’re not going to gate guard this winter….oh, well, I’ll still wear it because it’s just luscious and very warm.


I also knitted a “Lory” cap for me as I thought it was a cute pattern.  Great for those “bad hair” days


Last March one of the visitor at Betty’s had on a beautiful shrug and she was nice enough to give me the pattern.  Merlene also admired the shrug and mentioned she’d love to have one.  I volunteered to knit it for her.  Happily I was able to get the same yarn used and worked on it over the summer.  Here I am joining the side seams of the shrug ….  you put your arms through the side openings with the top of the resulting circle becoming your collar and then circles around your hips creating the shrug in front.

Merlene's Shrug (2)    Merlene's Shrug (1)

Here is Merlene in her finished shrug.

DSCN0773            DSCN0774

I liked Merlene’s shrug so much I am making one for myself in different colors.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Love the shrug, would you care to share the pattern? I enjoy reading your blogs from Mi.

    1. I wouldn't mind sharing the pattern, but you didn't tell me who you are. You can email me at

  2. Love the shrug. You do such nice work, it looks great on Merlene!


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