Monday, November 11, 2013

Football & Pot Luck

It’s been cool in Abbeville, Louisiana, the last couple of days, so everybody has been holding up in their rigs except for happy hours.  We watched a lot of TV, oh, and we had to do a “Betty Shuffle”. 

When we came in we parked on the north side of Betty’s house, by her garage.  It was quiet over there, but we were away from everybody and their day-to-day activities.  So when a rig moved from beside the patio and deck, we asked Betty if we could move.  Thankfully she said “yes” and we did the Betty Shuffle of moving from one site to another.  We should be able to stay here for the rest of our two month stay.

Jim took me out for breakfast Sunday (he knows that is my favorite time to go out to eat).  Most restaurants here close on Sundays and/or Mondays, so there are few choices.  We lucked out and found Park Restaurant, yes, on Park Avenue.

Park Restaurant (2)

It is a small place with ten tables and a few stools at a counter.  They specialize in home cooked meals and you can tell it is a locals place to eat.  I had the veggie omelet that came with a large fresh biscuit. You know you are in Louisiana when you see a shrimp and a crawfish omelet on the menu as well.

Park Restaurant (1)

Tom and Anne are staying here at Betty’s for two months also.  Anne is originally from Denver and both of them are big time Bronco fans, so we invited them over to watch the game yesterday.  As we munched on chips and dips the rest folks in the park were participating in karaoke…they were having fun.

At 5:30 we set the game to record the ending and joined the rest of the park in a pot luck.  Betty made a roaster pot full of chicken and pork chops AND she made two loaves of bread….can I hear a “yummmmmmm” please.  Everybody must have been in carb need because we had a lot of pasta dishes, with IMHO Tom won with a Crawfish Mac and Cheese….oh, my goodness gracious…it was divine!!!  Must get that recipe…OK, I’ll share it with you, since you asked.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. We have many friends that stayed at Betty's and said it is one of the best for hospitality anywhere in the U.S.. And the food is to die for. Two months, expect to gain weight.


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