Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Staying at Betty’s RV Park-Abbeville, Louisiana

On Monday we drove on to Abbeville, LA cause you can’t drive through Louisiana and NOT stop at Betty’s RV Park, right?  Well, we can’t. We planned to spend two nights here and then drive on to Alabama to spend two months at the Escapees RV Club park in Summerdale.

Well, that didn’t happen.  As we were checking in with Betty I casually asked if she had anything available for a couple of months…. “yes”….. well hold off on those two nights then….let’s discuss this….half an hour later we decided….we’ll stay at Betty’s RV Park for at least two months.  Yippeeee!!!!  You KNOW I’m a happy camper.  I love this Louisiana and especially this Cajun area.

The people are so inclusive, the food is wonderful and the music…well, the music is so joyous!!!!  There is so much history in this area and, being just south of Lafayette, we are centrally located to take interesting day trips in the vicinity.

We’ve never been to Louisiana this time of the year.  Some of the sugar cane is still in the fields ready to be harvested and sent to Jeanerette for processing; the rice fields are ready to be flooded and seeded with crawfish in preparation of their season in the spring.  Days weather is in the 70s and the nights are nice and cool and makes for great sleeping.  No need for fans or heaters.

This morning I found out there is a cinema right here in Abbeville and they carry all the latest movies.  Right now they are showing Gravity, Last Vegas and Enders Game.  I want to see all three.  They even have a 6 p.m. showing.

There’s a catfish festival in St. Martinsville this weekend, a famers’ market in the square and jam sessions at Touchet’s.  Things are really shaping up for us to have a wonderful winter in Louisiana.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. HOOOORAY, y'all agonna be REAL CAJUNS by the time Betty gets through with you !!! AAIIIEEEE !!! Jim, eat enuff mudbugs for me too, also, please.... In 2 months I'll bet y'all 'DO' the whole area and Bobbie finds a 'yarn-shop' or 3... Make sure y'all get to EUNICE and see the Savoy Family and their place of business, where he makes the 'squeeze-boxes'... I want to go there so badly !!! Maybe Jim can get one and learn how to play it !!! Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY !!! Y'all are too, also...

    1. Unfortunately, there aren't any yarn shops anywhere around this area, but I have enough under our bed to last me. Thanks for the tip on Marc Savoy Music Shop in Eunice. We will definitely go see that.

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are in heaven. Enjoy!

  3. we hope to stop in again this spring on our way west from Florida...


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