Friday, November 15, 2013

Robie’s Grocery Store

Being in a French speaking area like Louisiana, it is a challenge for me to correctly pronounce words either from a menu or even business names. 

Case in point is Robie’s, which we would normally pronounce like a boy’s name (Robbie’s) with the accent on the first syllable, but here it is pronounced Ra-bees with the accent on the last syllable.

Robie’s is a mile from Betty’s RV Park and is very convenient for us to use.  Here are photos from our first visit this trip.

We found potatoes from our home area in Colorado…Mountain King brand grown in the San Luis Valley and packaged in Monte Vista, CO.  Jim was a little reluctant to participate….but he did…bless his heart.


Many of the meats are sold seasoned.  No, that’s not paprika you see on these meats, it’s Cajun seasoning.

Package of sausage, ribs and chops sold together

Pork chops

Seasoned chicken thighs

Great selection of Robie’s own sausage with green onion, jalapeno, etc. made into rings

I love to roam local grocery stores when we go in to new areas.  Like here in Louisiana you have a much larger selection of grits than in other parts of the country.

and here their packaged, prepared foods consist of gumbo, etouffee and jambalaya.


Rice is a used in a lot of local dishes with Mahatma and Water Maid being the most popular. It’s not unusual to see someone with a 25 pound sack of rice in their shopping cart at the check-out line.


Well, that’s my little tour for you of the local grocery store.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Good mawnin, Bobbie & Jim,
    I just wish there was a store like that out here.. Joyce looked for black/rye bread for 2 weeks, couldn't find it at any stores and finally asked the local grocer if they had quit carrying it, he went back into the bakery and got some.. Why it wasn't on the shelf we don't know !!!
    Remember, y'all are too, also !!!
    butterbean carpenter

  2. That is something we enjoy, too. We even tour grocery stores when we are traveling and staying in a hotel, just to see what they have.

  3. So much good eating in LA. Wish we were there.

  4. Man that meat counter looked good. Really miss Cajun country. Looks like Jim would make a great potato salesman!!!


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