Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Really Big RV Set-Up

This is the longest rig set-up I’ve ever seen.  It belongs to Jay and Vicky. 

Vickie & Jay

All lined up going down the road it is 73 feet long.  Their small car is in the container behind the truck. This is what it looked like coming into Betty’s right in front of our rig.

Jay's Rig (2)

Here it is backing into their site.

Jay's Rig (1)

Oh, yah, that’s a 40 foot fifth wheel they are pulling.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. That is quite a rig!. Have a question though, how do they use that awning on the rear with that ladder? Does the ladder come off?

    Thanks. Travel safe.


  2. Hi there! Yes, we do come in all styles and configurations! Always interesting... kind of like that motorhome pulling a travel trailer for the mother-in-law... loved that one... just glad it's not us! Anyway, always enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep on having fun! Hugs, D & T

  3. well at least they got the truck to pull it!

  4. We know a couple that have a longer rig than that! She wanted a motorhome, he wanted to keep the fifthwheel. They had a 25 foot motorhome built on back of their FL 120 with a 45 foot fifthwheel pulled behind......then they pulled a wrangler jeep behind that! They had to travel by interstate only! ?....wonder why??? Lynne


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