Saturday, November 16, 2013

5 & 10 Worthmore Store–Rayne, LA

The afternoon we went for lunch at Chef Roy’s Frog City we also stopped at this interesting store.


It’s an old-fashioned five and dime store like Woolworth’s…except no lunch counter Smile

When you walk inside you are immediately transported by to the 1950s with the low counters and peg boards….very nostalgic!!!!  This place had everything from hairnets to hammers, lava soap to embroidery transfer patterns.


Remember when you would go into a store and buy a “lamp kit” to make a lamp out of a nice bottle you found….or drank dry? Plus all the frames to make your own lamp shade.  Look at all the items to repair any lamp.


Not even Walmart or Joanne’s has this big a selection of zippers and bias tape…didn’t know anyone even used bias tape anymore….unless you sew your own clothes.


I’ve noticed Walmart is carrying less yarn all the time…not here…


And look at all those buttons and ribbons…..


I got the biggest kick out of seeing this… nets…oh, my that takes me back….


I bought a few things and look what I found when I went to check out….yes, a real old-fashioned, crank cash register.


I had to take a better photo of it….


I asked the staff where in the world they find all these products from yesterday and they said they buy things from catalogs that carry everything. 

Well, I’m happy to find this neat store.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. What Fun! I looked at both Wal-Mart and Joann's a couple of weeks ago for buttons.... I wanted heart-shaped buttons to use on a sweater I'd knitted. Finally had to settle on something I didn't really want. Bet I could have found them at Worthmore! Love your photos!

  2. Wow,,,,,I would love to stop in there when are traveling thru the area here in a few weeks,,,,,I love it love it.....and you are right you cannot find stuff for lamps anymore,,,,,wow thanks again for sharing,,,,,you do brighten my day with your blog, especially when you really are working everyday and no time off......hardly,,,,,you know what I reading your blogs gets me even more excited to hit the road,,,,it seems like it has been so long!!!!!! C. Trout

  3. Howdy B&J,
    Y'all can find the neatest stores and places, while covering the country, just like Barbara & Tom Westerfield.. That's because y'all STOP & SMELL THE ROSES... Does WORTHMORE'S sell online ???
    Just remember, y'all are too, also !!!
    butterbean carpenter

    1. Jim, I doubt it they are online....look at the cash register they are using.

  4. I have enjoyed you delving deeper into this are of Louisiana! It looks like you are having a ball at the RV park and exploring! Have a good winter!

    Joyce and Bill Schmitz

  5. Finding the unique places out here are sure a neat component of this lifestyle. Good to see that an enterprising business can out do the big box Wal-mart.
    Looks like you are having a great time.

  6. Love your blog! What font is that? Isn't that a fun, unique place?! We like taking people there just to see their reaction! You can always find something "new" no matter how many times you go! Saw the hairnets--what a blast from the past! Waitresses (me) had to wear them . . . now no such rules . . . now they can play with their hair while serving your food! And did you see the "training pants"? Thanks for posting all the great pictures!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. The font I am using on my blog is called "Coming Soon". It's light and different like I hope our blog is.

  7. Branson, MO has a store like this one. It is called Dick's Five and Dime. You can spend so much time in there. Glad you had this nostalgic experience.

    1. Yes, Nina, I forgot about Dick's Five and Dime....much the same kind of place. I just never realized those types of old-fashion products were even available anymore.


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