Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chef Roy’s Frog City - Rayne, Louisiana

Yesterday we had two birthdays at Betty’s RV Park. One was Betty’s friend, Nellie (of Nellie and Glenn) from Arizona who are visiting and staying with Betty.  The other birthday girl is Karen (of Karen and Reg) who are here from Missouri. With the two birthdays Betty arranged a luncheon at Chef Roy’s Frog City in Rayne.  Wise move.

Chef Roy's (9)

(Please note the huge peach bread pudding.  Jim almost fainted when he took a taste).

But let’s start at the beginning…very elegant place…

Chef Roy's (2)       

Chef Roy's (11)

You know me….I take photos of food….much to Jim’s dismay

Chef Roy's (3)
Chicken Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes
Chef Roy's (4)
Fried crawfish and crawfish etouffee  
Chef Roy's (5)
Fish platter-stuffed shrimp, catfish and fried shrimp and fries
Chef Roy's (6)
Many folks had this shrimp enchilada, much to their delight
Chef Roy's (7)
My Crab White Lake-eggplant with a crab cake smothered in crawfish butter sauce…decadent!!
Chef Roy's (10)
The wonderful, “to die for” peach bread pudding.

Everybody and I mean everybody RAVED about their food.  Everything was absolutely wonderful.  That usually means there was a lot of butter and heavy cream involved.  Jim and I have already decided we are eating “light” the next couple of days to compensate…yah, right.

We will definitely be returning to Chef Roy’s Frog City when we return in February….if not before….

Here’s our little group in all our glory

Chef Roy's (8)

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Great pictures and blog, Bobbie! It was a fun trip, great friends and great food!

  2. Howdy B&J,

    HAHAHAHA, beatcha this mawnin', I already ate !!! Not as good as y'all, but verrry gooood anyway !!! Jim, I'll eat what's left of the bread puddin', so, it don't go to WAIST !!! Rememeber y'all are too, also !!!!
    butterbean carpenter

  3. Loved the blog Bobbie.....The food and company was wonderful and Karen and I enjoyed celebrating our birthdays together; that was a first for both of us. Thanks.

    1. Ahaaaa, this must be Nellie. It's always a guess who's writing a comment when they use "anonymous" to make their comment, but this time I know I have it right. There were only two of you with birthdays...ha-ha. Yes, we had such a good time.

  4. I loved the food photos! It all looked soooo good. Still can't wait to see Betty again...such a fun place!

  5. Love love your blogs, depending on my signal as to if I can comment,,,,so I am hoping that this one goes through,,,,,,I personally love the pictures of the food,,,,,tells me what I might want to try if and when we are in those parts. Where exactly is this place located, so we can be sure to look it up! Keep up these blogs some of us,,,,look forward to them, you are so so good at them! Trout's

    1. Look up Chef Roy's Frog City in Rayne, Louisiana. It's about 45 minutes from Abbeville, where we are staying at Betty's RV Park. Very inexpensive. We were pleased with how low the prices were, especially on the lunch menu.

  6. What ever happened to eating VEGAN ??? Just Sayin'

    Miss you guys, Andy and KJ

    1. I still work at it, but I have always eaten fish and my meal at Chef Roy's was eggplant, crab with a butter crawfish sauce so it fit my personal diet lifestyle. I also eat a bit of chicken now and them. I even have a rib or two when Jim barbecues his ribs. As you can see I'm not strict, but it is a better diet than I use to have. I eat a lot more fruits and veggies now.


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