Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Maryann

I first met Maryann and Bill back in 2009 in Coffeyville, Kansas, when we were in our second year working for amazon.com during the Christmas holiday.

Maryann had been following our blog and one day I got an email saying she and Bill were driving through the area on their way to spend the holidays with their family. She asked if they could stop by to say hi.  Here’s the photo we took that day.

Bill.Maryann Parham 12. 09

Through the years Maryann and I have kept in touch through comments to our blog and later through Facebook.

Several times during the last four years we came close to crossing paths, but she or I were always a week or so apart in going through the same town and we never connected.

When Maryann heard we were going to pass through Abbeville on our way to Alabama for the winter, she pleaded with us to stay at Betty’s until they would arrive at Betty’s on Nov. 15th….so she was really pleased to find out we had decided to stay at Betty’s for a couple of months and be here the same time they will also be here.

Saturday when we all went to the Museum Café for their jam session I took the opportunity to take another photo of us together.


Re-uniting with friends is one of the best parts of this wonderful RVing lifestyle. 

Remember, you are loved.

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