Thursday, November 7, 2013

Suires, Kaplan, LA

A few of us went over to Kaplan to have lunch at Suires.  This is an old-fashioned community grocery store common in outlaying areas of Louisiana.  These stores have lunch counters and a few tables for local workers to enjoy a lunch break.

Suires (2)

You see the items available on the menu outside on the front of the building.

Suires is mainly a place to eat with a few groceries on wood shelves. You place your order which is written down on a roll of adding machine tape.  You pay for your food after you’ve eaten, as usual, but you don’t get a check….you tell the counter person what you ate and she then rings it up one item at a time.  Honesty is key….I like that concept.

Suires (4)

The food is always wonderful…home cooked

Suires (1)
Jim had the chicken fried steak sandwich with fries
Suires (5)
The rest of us had the daily special shrimp fettuccine and shrimp etoufee. We had half and half. Came with okra, corn, roll and piece of cake.

Suires has been reviewed in major newspapers like the New York Times and the accolades are well deserved.  Their food is very authentic and you can taste the love.

Remember,you are loved.

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  1. Howdy Bobbie & Jim,
    THAT AIN'T FAIR, YA KNOW,showing me all of that good Cajun cookin', before I've even had a cuppa coffee, this mawnin'....
    Looks like y'all are agonna eat'cher way around Cajun country....AAIIIEEEEE!!!!!! Wonderful find, great pics and uuummm!!!
    Hope today's a HAPPY DAY !! Remember y'all are too, also.....


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