Monday, March 31, 2014

Pretty Quiet

New Mexico’s windy March has kept us pretty quiet and inside.  The Abeyta’s laid a new wood floor in their living room yesterday and it came out so nice. Jim keeps trying to figure out if we could put wood flooring in our rig like so many RVers have done recently.  I sure would like that….so unhappy with carpeting anymore.

I worked on my knitting project and almost finished.  It’s a purple and red shawl with fitted cuffs at the wrists.  Need to “work in” the ends and then I’ll put up a photo.

Really, nothing to report as we just watched TV and looked out the windows and watched the dirt fly by in gusts of wind.

But you can all be well assured… are loved!

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  1. We replaced the carpet in our previous RV with vinyl that looked like wood. It looked so good, people came in and raved about our wood floors. It weighed less, cost less and was so easy to clean up from our (then) 2 cats.


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