Friday, March 21, 2014

Computer Fixed

I love Lynn Heberlein's husband, Richard.  He came over with his two HP power cords to see if they would work on my computer....they didn't...different plug into computer.  Then Richard took his meter and checked if my power cord was getting enough was.  Now what?  Let's check if you have the same battery as Lynn's maybe we can put her's into your computer....different batteries.  But I noticed the battery area was dusty so I blew into it to remove the "dust bunnies" and replaced the battery.  We were discussing which outlets I had tried to get power to my computer....hadn't tried the outlet behind the stove...try that.....IT LITE UP LIKE CHRISTMAS.  It started charging and it came to life.  Richard said he was leaving while things were working....bless his heart.  I love Richard Heberlein!!!  Thank you, Friend.

Here’s a photo of us all taken today at The Pink Store.  I’ll report more later, but I wanted to put this photo up.
Lynn Richard Heberleinjpg


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