Sunday, March 16, 2014

THE Pink Store-Palomas, Mexico

After resting the remainder of Friday after our long day of driving from Balmorhea, Texas, we were up a ready for our day “across the border”.

We left about 10:30 and made the 30 miles to Columbus, parked for free this side of the border and walked the short distance across to Palomas.  There were only two “hawkers” after us and they weren’t as persistent as in previous visits.

Palomas, Mexico (2)

And then there she is, the infamous Pink Store.  It’s the only “merchandise” store in town.  Besides it, there are only three dental stores, a pharmacy and an eye glass place in the whole town…..not like Algodones.


Inside are most of the trinkets you’d find in other border towns, with more emphasis on pottery and glassware. They also have a lot of art and jewelry. As you walk around sales folks ask if you’d like a drink….OK, free margaritas as you browse.

Prices aren’t cheap but reasonable by American standards…mugs are $3.95, decorative boxes $5.95 and colorful eight inch square pan is $19.95.  We bought several items to give as Christmas presents.

DSCN3054 DSCN3056
DSCN3057 DSCN3058

Then it was time for lunch.  For me, The Pink Store has the best Mexican food anywhere.  We’ve eaten Mexican all over the country, and I’m partial to the green chile sauce used in Colorado restaurants, but The Pink Store is my favorite, hands down!!!

We had a coupon for a free margarita so I had that.  They make them the old-fashioned way by squeezing limes and making it from scratch….no mixes used here. And they make them strong at The Pink Store.  Last time we were here Jim drank two margaritas and was not walking straight afterwards.



This time Jim ordered a Coke as we know the Cokes in Mexico are made from cane sugar NOT corn syrup and served in glass bottles.  Oh, the taste……so different and so much better in our opinion.



The surroundings are very colorful with lots of pottery animals on the walls.  There is even a three-man mariachi band strolling through the diners.

DSCN3042 DSCN3045
DSCN3043 DSCN3050

We were very happy with our meal Jim having a three item combo dish and I had chicken tacos with guacamole.

DSCN3047       DSCN3049

Other places to see in the area would be the Columbus Depot Museum and the Pancho Villa State Park with their very interesting history museum.  The story of this area is fascinating with stories of early aviation and General Pershing.

We had a good day….heated up leftover pizza for dinner and watched a little TV before turning in….no, not at 9 p.m……it was 11:30….see I’m getting better.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Comp margaritas while you shop!! Wow does Jimmy Buffett know about this place!
    Sounds like a must see place. Food looks good.

    1. Great bennie for sure. First time we went down there it was like 10 a.m. and we were schnockered by 11 a.m.

  2. makes my mouth water thinking about the food.....wish we could have gone.

    1. We had a good time together last time, didn't we?

  3. Sounds interesting.....Had never heard of the Pink Store but sounds delightful.

    1. yah, The Pink Store is kind of like got to do it once. It is lengendary.

  4. Oh my the food looks so tasty! (yea, and Pete is not fond of me taking food pics either, LOL). Sometimes a picture doesn't describe a great taste, and sometimes a description without a photo doesn't do it either, so I love both your descriptions and photos!


    1. Happily, my hubby is very tolerant of all my crazy ideas. Some of the RV parks in the area go to The Pink Store every week and you see long tables of 15 people enjoying themselves.


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