Monday, March 17, 2014

Cookbook Recommendation

We all have cookbooks in our rigs, but many recipes aren’t suited for the confines of our small RV kitchens.  What I think RVers do need is help in figuring out what pots, pans and baking containers have worked best by other RVers.  It saves on a lot of “trial and error” purchases, give away and frustration.


Well, I found such a cookbook and it comes from a source many of us are familiar with by reading Nick Russell’s  excellent Gypsy Journal, a newspaper written on the road and his daily blog, a “must read” for me every morning.  Miss Terry has finally made available her recipes for cinnamon rolls, pizza, soups and  many more dishes we’ve heard Nick raved about for years.  Now we can duplicate those foods for ourselves.

Here’s the review I wrote about her cookbook in

I've read Nick Russell's blog for years and knew how Nick raves about his wife's cooking, so I was curious about her recipes. Wow, was I happy I bought her cookbook. She has recipes for good, old-fashioned comfort foods. Foods your momma used to make. This cookbook gives you much more than recipes though. Miss Terry includes an inventory of the spices she carries as well as the baking and cooking items she has in her motorhome. This is wonderful information for upcoming RVers who wonder what to carry in their kitchen. I'm excited to try the pizza and cinnamon rolls her husband talks about so much. Highly recommend this cookbook to any cook looking for good down home recipes and especially to RVers with limited storage and preparation areas. If Miss Terry can cook these recipes in her motorhome so can I.


I bought the Kindle version of Miss Terry’s book, but Nick is currently formatting a printed version of her book which should be available shortly.  I plan on buying the printed version also, plus several copies to give away as gifts.  It would be a great gift for a new fulltime RVer or “wannabe” who is deciding what to put in their RV kitchen.  I think it would also be great gift for a recent college graduate who will be equipping their first kitchen.

As you can tell I highly recommend Miss Terry’s Kitchen and think you will too.

Remember, you are loved.

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