Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day with the Berganns

Since we saw all our Santa Fe family earlier this week and they are all back to work now, we took our campground mates (and former boss) out to breakfast at one of our favorite places….Tecolote Cafe. Their motto is “best breakfast – no toast”.   I like the metal sculptures next door as well.

DSCN3155     DSCN3164



Tecolote’s menu is very different, which I really like.  You have all the usual, but also can get eggs and chicken liver, frittatas, eggs benedict and a french toast made with oat and pecan bread.  Here’s what we had (Jim still hates my taking photos of the food we eat..look at that face).

My omelet with green chile and posole on the side
Jim’s huevos rancho…so good
Heinz frittata, bacon and thin,thin sliced potatoes,yum
Angela’s breakfast burrito and those thin potatoes


The best part of breakfast is when you choose the bread basket over a tortilla to go with your meal. We got a blueberry, cranberry,streusel top, blue corn muffins along with two biscuits.  Much better than two tortillas.

After breakfast we stopped at Smith’s and bought steaks, salmon and asparagus (99 cents a pound!) for dinner.

Driving out of town we saw the Railrunner … mass transit.  It’s pretty spiffy.

DSCN3166       DSCN3168


Spent the afternoon worrying about if we were going to be blown over because of all the high, gusty winds.  Some gusts were 50 MPH!!!!  Gad zooks, Batman!

Later on Jim braved the battering winds and grilled outside, with Heinz keeping him company. “Hay, look up”

DSCN3170       DSCN3171

What a nice dinner we had with plenty of leftovers.


We were going to leave this morning and drive up to Espanola to stay with our friends, The Abeytas, but this crazy wind and the high gusts made us rethink our plans.  We’ll stay another night and leave tomorrow.

Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE

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