Thursday, March 20, 2014

Washing Everything

I guess our time here in Deming, NM is destined to be our spring cleaning time.  Tuesday afternoon Jim spent a couple of hours washing and cleaning the truck from the grit and grime from our haul here from Louisiana.

Early yesterday I brought two bags of books to the used book store in town, mailed a couple of postcards at the post office, stopped at Dec Your Casa, a craft mall, and bought a couple of crocheted critters a lady in the park sells there.  As we drove down the street I spied a store named Retired and Yarning It.  Well, of course, I had to have Jim drive around the block to take a look.  Found some black and white yarn to make a scarf I’ve been want to make….alright, I also bought some denim and white yarn to make me a scarf too…, I can’t put anything over on you can I?

Later on Jim got antsy and started washing the rig.  Now that was a job – we haven’t washed the rig since we left Colorado back in September.  Then after driving from Louisiana in the rain and slush, the front end was streaked in dirt.  It sure was nice to have “our house” clean again!!!

Today we have slated spring cleaning inside….shampoo the carpets, clean the windows and wash the floors.  Once we get back to Colorado, Jim will wax the rig and then all will be done.

We will leave Deming tomorrow, Friday, drive to San Felipe’s Hollywood Casino and will stay in their RV park for a while as we visit our family members in Santa Fe.  There just isn’t any affordable RV parks in Santa Fe proper, so we usually stay half way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe at Hollywood Casino.  At $10 a night it is a bargain.

That’s it for now….see you tomorrow.

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  1. There is a COE park a little west of Santa Fe that is nice. You might check it out next time.


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