Monday, March 24, 2014

Barbeque with Friends

We and the Berganns watched the mass exodus of RVs Sunday morning and were able to secure electric sites next to each other after sharing breakfast.  The view of Cochiti Lake is beautiful.

DSCN3105   DSCN3106

With nine of our adult family members living in Santa Fe it is difficult to find a time to get everyone together with everyone’s different work schedules. So this time it works best to see our folks on Monday and Tuesday.

So Sunday we made arrangements to visit friends who also live in town.  You’ve heard us talk about the Abeytas whom we met many years ago when camphosting in Big Meadows in Colorado.  Their son, Tim and roommate, Paulo, live in Santa Fe so we went to visit them.  DSCN3099

Tim is a great cook and does the barbequing, while Paulo greeted us with a Brazilian bread appetizer called Pao de Queijo, this one flavored with cheese. Oh, they were delicate, puffy and marvelous. Paulo gave me two packages to take home.

DSCN3097     DSCN3096

The guys have the cutest pup named Chaps.  He and Poncho had a great time playing with each other in their large, enclosed backyard.


We enjoyed the warm, sunny day outside while the food cooked.  And then look at the end result….skewers of chicken and shrimp with a beautiful mound of sautéed peppers. Add to that flavorful rice and the mac salad I brought…it was all so tasty.
DSCN3104       DSCN3101

We had a wonderful time together and really enjoyed ourselves.  We’ll be driving to Espanola later this week to spend time with Tim’s parents, so may see Tim and Paulo again there. 

Remember, you are loved.
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