Saturday, March 29, 2014

Espanola, New Mexico

We made the hour and a half drive from Cochiti Lake COE to Espanola on Friday….thankfully the winds were finally calm.  The two prior days brought us very windy days with gusts of 50 mph. We so enjoyed our time with The Berganns and hope to camp/RV with them again this summer.  

In Espanola we are staying with our friends, The Abeytas, parking the rig in their yard. (We first met them the first year we camphosted and they were one of our first campers.)  Last night we took The Abeytas out for dinner to OKay Casino for their seafood buffet.  Oh, it was good.  They had mounds of boiled shrimp, raw oysters, mussels with onions and garlic, popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, baked salmon and the biggy…snow crabs.  We did damage to it all and were very satisfied.

The Abeytas are redoing their living room and this morning are having the new floor laid.  Jim is “earning our keep” by staining the floor trim and helping out. 

We’ll probably stay here 10 days or so and just relax with friends.  Depending on our Santa Fe family’s work schedule, we may drive down there to see them again before we head on up to Colorado.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Give them big hugs for us....glad you guys got to spend some time with them before going to Alamosa. Won't be long and we'll get to see you.

    1. Will do, Linda. Teddy and I are sparring as usual. He loves to give me heck and I enjoy trash talking back to him. We show our love strangely.


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