Friday, March 14, 2014

Hondo, Texas

We left Beaumont on Sunday and drove over to Hondo, Texas, staying at Lone Star Corral co-op RV park.  There are few affordable RV parks in the San Antonio area, so driving west through Texas we decided to stop here.  Also the Mossmans just bought a lot in this Escapee RV Club affiliated park.  So when the Mossmans went down to Whitsett, Texas to gate guard again we went to Hondo and checked out their lot.

This is the Mossmans’ lot….isn’t it lovely?  They are so lucky that their lot is on the back fence so their back window overlooks the back field.  They have two mature trees, a couple of large shrubs and a couple of pretty red plants, along with a small shed with a small covered patio.


We were only going to stay for three days, but there was high winds predicted for Wednesday, so we stayed another day.  The wind gusted to 45 MPH so we’re glad we stayed off the road.

Thursday we took off from Hondo on Hwy 173 towards I-10.  Seeing on the map that we were going close to Bandera I remembered that The Two Lindas often talk about stopping at The Apple Store in Medina, Texas.  So I called them to make sure which town it was in (bad Verizon internet in Texas so couldn’t look it up).


It wasn’t lunch time so we couldn’t eat in their Patio CafĂ© (the menu looked interesting) but we did look around their gift shop and bought apple turnovers to eat.

Part of the gift shop
Huge cookies and turnovers
Pie slices at $4.50 each
Huge pie $24.99 for whole pie
Read, covered patio with murals
Patio view of back of building

After our snack we continue to drove west on I-10 for 365 miles stopping in Balmorhea, at the Saddleback Mountain RV Park.  It’s a Passport America park so at $10 it’s very affordable.

Today we continued on I-10 to Deming, NM.  We dreaded driving through El Paso, but it wasn’t bad this time.  So we are parked at Escapees RV Club Dream Catcher RV Park for a couple of nights.  Rate is now $20 a night, but it now includes electricity, so it’s not bad.  We’ll drive around town tomorrow and check out some monthly rates at the other RV parks in town as a comparison.  At Dream Catcher they have their “Stay and Play” promotion where you pay for 15 days and get 5 days free, so that would bring it down to $15 a night including electric.  That’s pretty good, but we’ll still check around.

We haven’t even really decided whether to stay here for long or not.  We still may decide to drive to Arizona to catch some Rockies spring training….we do love our Rockies baseball.  We’ll let you know.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. No pink store yet? Thought that would be the first place you would go.

    1. Didn't get set up till 2 p.m. so will go tomorrow early shop, eat and drink.

  2. Very interesting following your blog, as I also now follow other blogs that you make reference to...LOL!..come to think of it, I probably follow those blogs cause I found them on your site! (Oh, does that make me a Creeper?!..LOL!)

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Well, Thank You, Maura. Glad to have you following me around.

  3. Nice looking pie, your food pics are always special!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. My constant taking photos of the food we eat disturbs Jim a lot, but he is a tolerant being and always complies. If I'm describing a meal I just think I should show what it looks like. It's fun.


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