Friday, March 7, 2014

Betty’s First Annual Mardi Gras Ball

I’ve procrastinated about writing my blog because I was spending time “experiencing” the fun I didn’t have time to “write” about the fun.  But we left Betty’s RV Park yesterday so I have time to write now.

Last November when we arrived at Betty’s she talked about starting a Mardi Gras Ball and those there were all for it.  Within days we were scouring Goodwill and resale stores for ball gowns/formals and grabbing up any fancy, satin men’s suits and jackets.  The ladies were going “glam” with the guys going “camp” (fancy jackets with tee shirts and ties).

The morning of Friday, February 28th the ladies went to the Workmen of the World Hall just down the street from Betty’s.  We set up tables, decorated and made up pretty platters of meats, fruit and veggies from the bulk items Betty had purchased (each couple put in $20). 

DSCN2557 DSCN2558 DSCN2565
DSCN2561 DSCN2567 DSCN2622

We finished at noon and took a nap…come on…we don’t normally stay up to midnight so we needed a little help to stay up.

Jim Mossman constructed a wooden man for the solo women to dance with.  Jim did a wonderful job making him tall, positioned his arms for dancing and even put him on multi-directional casters so he smoothly moved across the dance floor.  His name is Woody. Merlene also did a great job giving him a head, painting him a face and hands.  Woody looked very real.

Too tall
Cut him down
Position his arms for dancing
Looking good
Time to get dressed
Woody Mossman
Finished product

Then it was time to gussing up and go to the ball!!! 

Betty & Woody
First in was Betty with Woody
Betty Bernard and Aunt Irene
Betty and Aunt Irene
Aunt Irene in her beautiful mask

As we walked in Merlene was kind enough to take our picture under the decorated arch Peggy masterminded. Then Betty formally “presented” us by name…just like they do at the fancy balls in New Orleans. (Remember to click on a photo to enlarge it.)  Doesn’t everyone look wonderful?

Mardi Gras Ball (1)

Mardi Gras Ball (2)


Laura Bornkamp



Gordon did a great job “painting on” a mask for Laura





Then came the dancing with with the band, The Midnight Riders.

DSCN2647 DSCN2686
DSCN2705 DSCN2703
DSCN2719 DSCN2714

Revelers even stopped by for a while…they were actually relatives of Betty’s. They had a good time dancing with us.

DSCN2691   DSCN2685

Sharply at 11 p.m. the music stopped and it was time to say goodbye.  We all had a great time with lots and lots of laughter, chatting and warm conversations.  What a night.  Thank you, Miss Betty, for a wonderful night to long remember.  This ball is slated to be an annual event – put it on your Bucket List – it’s not to be missed.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Fantastic job Bobbie! Wondered where Woidy came from but knew you would have the answer! Loved this and miss you all. Ann

  2. Love the costumes ... too much fun for all

  3. Looks like y'all had a ball!

  4. Wheeheeee looks like a fun time!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Great post. You all looked wonderful. Really missed being there. What fun!

  6. Great blog! You all looked wonderful. Really missed being there. What fun!!


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