Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pink Store Again and Pancho Villa State Park

We stayed another day at Dream Catcher in Deming, NM so we could take Lynn and Richard across the border to The Pink Store.  They had a ball browsing through the aisles of pottery, glassware, clothing and jewelry.  We hadn’t walked 25 feet inside the building when a very nice young man came up and asked if we wanted something to drink.  Well, what do you think I replied?????  You betcha I answered “Margaritas all around”. 

Here we are enjoying our drinks as we shop

Lynn Richard Heberleinjpg

I know this photo is a little unconventional, but the restroom in The Pink Store is so pretty I had to show you a photo. The decorated sinks are so nice.


On the way out of the area we stopped at the museum at Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, New Mexico.  It’s name to fame was a March 1916 raid of soldiers of Pancho Villa attacking Columbus.  Eventually there was an eleven month search for Villa by General George Pershing commanding 10,000 troops.  They never did capture him.

The museum is extremely interesting.  Highly recommend a visit.

Armored truck outside
Villa and Pershing in happier times
Replica of a Genie-first aircraft used in warfare in USA

It was a full day, but very nice one.  This morning we are off to Cochiti Lakes COE a little south of Santa Fe.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Love the tile in the restrooms and what better way to shop then with a Margarita...we may have to rethink visiting Mexico again!


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