Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Silver City

Last Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, I put a corned beef in the slow cooker because I couldn’t find anywhere in town that was serving it.  I have to eat it all by myself since it isn’t a favorite of Jim’s. 

While it was cooking we drove up to Silver City.  We’d been there before on a previous trip to this area…now Jim, he’d also been to Silver City some 45 years ago when he worked there as a salesman and D.J. for an AM radio station KSIL….that was BB (before Bobbie).


So we drove around to see what changes Silver City held for us.  We found the old radio station, although now it is an FM station KSCG.



Next we found the hotel Jim spent three weeks living in before his then wife joined him.  Jim was happy to find that the Murray Hotel had been renovated and has been open two years after being empty for 20 years.


Unfortunately we found many empty store fronts in historic downtown.  Many more than we saw the last time here about 4-5 years ago.  And what wasn’t empty was closed….Monday is not the day to visit historic downtown.  I was rather disappointed one of my favorite yarn stores, Ya-Ya Yarns, wasn’t open.  So we had a scoop of gelato next door and heard a little of the town’s news from the proprietor of Alotta Gelato. 

Since most of the shops were closed we strolled a couple of blocks but then drove around the city to sightsee.  There’s a lot of beautiful architecture in Silver City.

DSCN3068 DSCN3077 DSCN3075
DSCN3079 DSCN3073 DSCN3070

There is also an active Youth Project painting murals on the sides of the buildings in historic downtown.

DSCN3072          DSCN3074

After a few hours we made our way back down from the mountain towards Deming.  From this perspective the landscape was eye-catching.



The corned beef turned out tender and flavorful.  I deviated from my “no wheat” diet, and ate a couple of slices of good Jewish rye bread….a must with corned beef IMHO.

And then on Tuesday morning we had this stunning sunrise.


It’s been windy here in Deming….like that is something new…but Tuesday a little more so….we stayed inside and watched TV.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Lovely, as usual! Miss you guys. Ann

  2. The corned beef sounds great. Silver City was a real neat place but it was sad to see the number of empty buildings. I had the sense that they were making a comeback?

    1. I think they are coming back now. The theatre is being renovated and they will bring folks back to the old downtown area and the economy is getting better in the area, so hopefully they will "come back" in the near future.


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