Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books and Wine

Reader'sCove (3)

Yesterday I took the truck by myself and finally made it to the Reader’s Cove here in Deming, NM. It’s been a long, long time since I have driven myself anywhere and it was a nice treat. The Reader’s Cove had been recommended to me back in 2008 when we first passed through this area. Reader’s Cove is a used bookstore that buy and exchange used books.

It’s a cute place with a lot of non-fiction books from esoteric studies to seafaring to serious literature. The converted house has beautiful wood shelving that goes from floor to ceiling and even across doorways.

Reader'sCove (2)
Rooms of wooden shelved books. All sorted by categories and authors’ name

The north side room is a bright and sunning for reading.

StClairWinery (2)

In the afternoon a bunch of us went back to St. Claire Winery to refill my 1/2 gallon jug with my preferred mix wine. Last time we were here Bill and Lesle and I decided we liked the 80/20 mix of dry to sweet ratio of St. Claire’s bulk red wine. So for $6 I got my jug refilled.

StClairWinery (3)

Lois K. and Jim C. check things out.


Jim M., Linda M. and Jim C. look up prices.

We went to Si, Senor for dinner last night and it was as good as ever. Linda and I had the Taco Salad and it was full of meat instead of full of lettuce as we have had at some restaurants. Jim C. had chili relleno that were very nicely traditional with an egg batter; Jim M. had the green chile plate with chunks of beef and corn tortillas. We all left full and satisfied.

TV wasn’t that good last night so we watched Mama Mia! that we bought recently. It was wonderful!!!! Although we have seen it before, it’s one of those few movies we bought and replay often….it is such a happy movie it puts you in a good mood instantly. Another movie Jim and I watch over and over is 50 First Dates.

Today we are driving up to Silver City to play tourists…and maybe I can get to visit Yada Yada Yarn, a favorite yarn shop of mine.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Bobbie,
    What a neat place to escape among the pages of a good book. Isn't Mama Mia a fun, fun movie? We put the words up and sing along.:) At our abode "New Moon" is the movie of choice. Girls and their vampires.
    Happy Trails...


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