Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old rig in cluttered state

Yesterday, Linda and I went hunting for king size sheets for the new rig.  And, yes, Lesle, Tuesday Morning had the best prices.  Got 350 count percale, deep pocket sheet set for $40.  I don’t like the higher count satiny-like sheets that are available…I like the feel of good old cotton.

We check out a couple of Ross stores and enjoyed a jaunt through a World Market kinda looking for decorating items and a new off the floor dog dish, but no luck this time around.

I cleaned the refrigerator and defrosted the freezer.  Today we are off to the laundromat to wash the new sheets and then clean the oven.  In our “stick and brick” I had a self-cleaning oven, so I haven’t had to use the Easy-Off for a long, long time.  Reading the directions, they sure have improved this product.  You don’t even have to wear rubber gloves now and the one we bought doesn’t produce any fumes.  Hopefully, leaving it to foam off the gunk for two hours will be enough time….I don’t want to have to put on a second application.

The rig is in a cluttered state with boxes and bags of our stuff stacked everywhere in anticipation for tomorrow’s move.  It should be pretty easy with Linda and Jim helping us….at least that is what I’m holding on to…..we’ll see.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Bobbie,
    We found our off the floor dog dish at Petsmart. We really like it. Good luck with the move tomorrow. BTW I heard today that the higher thread counts keep you warmer when you sleep so they are a cold weather sheet. They said that thread counts between 350 & 450 is good for cooler sleeping.
    Happy Trails...
    P.S. Thank you for the lovely birthday greeting card I love it!

  2. AWE the joys of moving.

    The excitement is replaced with frustration when you try to find something. I have said too many times,"I used to keep it right here", where did I put it.

    The frustration is quickly replaced by comfort, and all is well.......

  3. Bobbie! I didn't care if we got a king or queen bed in our 'new to us' rig but I am so HAPPY that we have a king. Chuck and I love it. BTW, I got our 400 count sheets on line from


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