Monday, March 8, 2010

Almost Stranded and Piercings

We knew it was going to rain Saturday night, and we knew we were “suppose” to leave Sunday for the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma…so did we leave early and stay at “Campground Walmart” last night?  Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! We woke up Sunday morning to more rain and after Jim took a drive down the gravel road out of here, we realized we are stranded out here.  The washes are full of water and even if it soaks in the sand and gravel will be too mushy for us to travel on in our rigs.  

The rain did stop and about 2 pm Marty Cassidy said he was moving out using American Girl Mine Road and would call to let us know how it was.  Sure enough at 2:30 Jim gets the call and “gathered the wagons” and off we went.  It wasn’t a pretty drive.  A few washes still had water in them and some were “mushy”.  There was debris and sand all over the roads.  In fact when we got to the I-8 entrance we saw that Ogilby Road had been barricaded; we had to drive around them to get on the freeway.

Here is the caravan leaving Sidewinder RoadYuma 2010 (32)  Some of the debris on the roadYuma 2010 (34)
Runoff was something else.Yuma 2010 (35) Pools of water on the sides of the roadYuma 2010 (36)


New piercing

Never did like my nose piercing on my right nostril, so Saturday I went into town with Linda.  While she got a perm I wondered around and decided this would be a good time to get my LEFT nostril pierced with Jim not being around. 

Last time the piercing was done with a pneumatic piercing gun….I “thought” that was how it was going to be this time….no such luck.  The guy at Extreme Ink Tattoos uses a long needle and a cork!!!!!  I almost backed out when I found that out.  But the two young ladies before me didn’t whimper at all as one had her bell button pierced and the other had her LIP pierced.  They said they didn’t feel a thing. 

So, OK, I can do this.  I really wanted it done and when was I going to get a chance to be out and about without Jim again? I can do this!!!!  So Richie marks the spot for my OK.  Alright, a little higher up, please.  Remarked – OK that will do.  He tells me to relax –surrrrrrre. I close my eyes as the longggggggggggg needle approaches my nose and then……………I SCREAM BLOODY MURDER!!!!!!! Damn it hurt like HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Richie tells me not to move he was ALMOST through to the other side.  Another push…..I SCREAM LIKE BLOODY MURDER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!  Putting in the damn stud didn’t hurt at all my then.  SH*T that was one painful experience.  But now I have a pretty red stoned stud in my LEFT nostril and all is well with the earth!

Friends Gather

Friday and Saturday we had more folks join us on Sidewinder Road.  Sandy and Mike Bubar came in from Apache Junction; Nancy and Chuck Geno came in with their friend, Dave, from Mexico by way of Tucson; and Lesle and Bill came in also from Mexico via Bullhead City where they went for some repairs.

Friday Dave and Kathy Bennett came out from Yuma for happy hour and Chuck and Jan Moore moved over from the Boondockers area to our section. 

Yuma 2010 (26) Yuma 2010 (29)
Gallon jug of Crown Royal Geno’s friend, Dave, brought out to share. So big it had it’s own swivel stand to pour from.Yuma 2010 (24) Yuma 2010 (30)

We also had a grand time last Wednesday meeting Rita and Jerry Scarbrough for lunch.  We worked with Rita and Jerry at this year, so it was nice to see each other again. They are good people.  We’ll all be back together in Coffeyville, Kansas next October.Yuma 2010 (27) 

Gypsy Journal Rally

We made it to the Yuma Fairgrounds by 4 pm for the Rally.  Most all the electrical sites were taken, so the Mossman’s, Dave and us are back to boondocking again.  We don’t mind as we’ve been boondocking since January and it has become a desired way-of-life for us. 

Temps are suppose to be 74 today so the rain-soaked ground should dry out nicely and be nice for the rest of the rally.  There are a lot of interesting seminars being given and there is a good number of Class of 2007 attendees, so it should be fun.

Remember, you are loved.

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