Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rockies Spring Training

We were so happy to be able to go to a couple of Colorado Rockies Spring Training baseball games this week.  Now a days the rosters change so much from year to year, so this gave us a chance to see the players in action and get acquainted with them and their capabilities.

RockiesSpgTrng (2)

Our friends, Jim and Linda, have folks they worked with “in their previous lives”, Sam and Eula Reynolds. Their son, Matt, has been brought up to play with the Rockies during spring training as a left-handed pitcher. Sam got us all tickets to last Saturday’s game.

We had good seats and the game was fun. RockiesSpgTrng (3)

While watching the game we had a good view of the air show also going on in Tucson.  The aerial maneuvers of the Air Force Thunderbirds could be seen pretty good right from our seats at the ball park.

RockiesSpgTrng (6)

Here’s Matt getting ready to come on the field.




RockiesSpgTrng (7) And then“doing his thing” on the mound





Unfortunately it was so HOT that we finally left at the eighth inning with the Diamondbacks leading 10 to 6.  Sam asked us back to their hotel for happy hour so we waited in the lobby. Boy did Sam and Matt have big smiles when they got there as the Rockies pulled out five more runs in the bottom of the ninth inning and won with a score of 11 to 10!!!! Dang!!! We missed it.

It was fun to talk to Matt and tell him about Coors Field in Denver where the Rockies play, as he has never been there. So we filled him in on the area, the great fans, things about the stadium, etc. He shared about the game, his advancement through the ranks and what it was like trying out for the team. We had a great time with him, his friends and family. Matt was gracious in offering Jim and I tickets to Saturday’s game also…we jumped at the chance.

Matt did good in getting us GREAT seats for the Tuesday game…behind home plate.  Here was our view




Jim wanted Matt to know we got the tickets so he went by the Rockies dugout before the game and was able to see Matt and thank him for the tickets.


This was a “promo” day and they were selling $1 hot dogs, popcorn and sodas.  Of course, we partook of the offerings :) 

In great contrast to Saturday’s game, on Tuesday it was 73 when we arrived but by the sixth inning it was down to 60 degrees and sinking fast…oh, then we felt rain drops, so we hurried off. Sadly, the Rockies lost to the Padres 6 to 9.  But we had fun sitting in the great seats and enjoying most of the game. 


Last night we made dinner for the Mossman’s as part of our “thank you” for all their work.  We had barbeque ribs and I made potato salad and coleslaw.  Linda made brownies and as I was putting on some whipped cream I remembered how Jim M likes whipped cream so I made him open up and filled his mouth full with the stuff.  Fun stuff!!I use to do that with our daughters when they were little and they always thought it was such fun.

As we were driving home we saw this cute car decorated up like a mouse. See the ears on the roof? Kind of funny don’t you think?

CIMG4103 Well, that is our last few days’ activities.  Today Jim is reorganizing the basement.  Later on Jim will be attending a Oaxacan cooking class while I go with Jaimie B to a Zumba Latin rhythms fitness class. I’ll then join Jim for dinner and eat what the class cooked…should be fun.

Remember, you are loved.

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