Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Algodones, Mexico

Last Friday was our day for going across the border.  We went early so we could get back early.

CIMG3916 Jim Mossman and Jim C wanted to get checked out for glasses, so we went to Algodones Optical, which was recommended to us by several people. Jim M. didn’t need new glasses so he only had to pay $20 for his exam.  Jim C. had his exam, picked out new frames, got new tri-focal lenses,  waited two hours and got his glasses for a shocking $49!!!!


Here’s a cute picture of Linda and Jim Mossman mugging at the optical shop.

Linda Mossman got her teeth cleaned for $35; no appointment, just walk in and got it done! Unheard of back home!!!

Jim and I both got our lower dentures relined, no appointment just wait 10 minutes.  I was attended to by a licensed dentist and within 20 minutes I had relined dentures that fit great. We were quoted $700 back home to reline one denture; in Algodones it cost us $60.

Waiting for Jim’s glasses we walked around and shopped a bit.

CIMG3917 CIMG3918
CIMG3919 CIMG3920


We were surprised to see “open air” massages taking place right on the sidewalk by the side of the road.






We had our first taste of Shrimp Tacos.  Oh, my, Todo, best taste ever!!!! Smallish shrimp dipped in a tempera batter, two shrimps to a taco on a corn tortilla.




The condiments were pico de gallo, hot sauce, chopped cabbage, lime wedges and a diluted mayo spread. 

I’d go back to Algodones just to have more Shrimp Tacos.



It’s funny to see prescription drugs sold so casually on shelves behind open counters in little stores, with hand-written signs outside advertising the drug prices on the sidewalk outside. Luckily I get my drugs cheaper with my insurance.





We got everything done by 12:30 and got in line to walk back across the border.




While waiting we saw this gem of a classic car waiting in line to drive across the border.  Some of the cars were searched while armed guards watched on.

CIMG3927 CIMG3929

It was a nice, short visit and I’m happy to have experienced it, but I’m not in any hurry to return.  Just not my thing. 

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Wow , I enjoyed reading your blog of all the procedures you had done, a fantastic prices..you can not beat that.
    Your description of what was common place and take part on the sidewalk such as the massage and the drug store on side walk.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Jackie Savi-Cannon

  2. Algadones is my favorite border town, we enjoy the Mexicans trying to sell us everything, and the saying, "come on in, it's ALMOST free".

    The line getting back into the US isn't bad in OCT and NOV but Jan and Feb can a real pain.

    Enjoy the SW.

  3. Hmmm...Shrimp Tacos sound good!!
    Love the background photo!! HUGS!

  4. Great street photos ! Was it really early ? The crowds seem light.

  5. Yes, Mountainborn, we went about 9 am and left at 12:30 pm and only had to wait about 30 minutes at the border. Bobbie

  6. Love the pictures and the frames - I'm a willing student! See you soon - lets go to Mexico too.

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