Friday, March 5, 2010

Life in the Desert

We have been blessed with wonderful weather here in Arizona this year.  Yes, we have had wind at times and a few cold spells from the weather coming over from California, but all in all it has been very pleasant. There has been a good amount of rain but usually confined to all day rains and not “a lot of days of rain” so the spring desert flowers should be really good this year.

We love boondocking or dry camping as it is also known.  It is camping without utilities or hook-ups.  You go somewhere and park, you have a tank full of fresh water…about 40 gallons for us…and empty holding tanks…70 gallon for “black water” for the sewer and two 25-35 gallon “gray water” tanks; one for the kitchen sink area and one for the shower/bathroom sink area.  We can go about 12-14 days without dumping…so that’s a fer piece of time.

It’s quiet out here in the desert, with the occasional train going by, which we rather enjoy.  You’ll see a coyote walking by in back of a rig, or in this case a tortoise ambling along across an open space.

CIMG3935 CIMG3940

People who boondock like their space so we usually park a bit apart.  CIMG3937





The scenery out here in Sidewinder road is pretty with a lot of different cacti around us and nice rock formations in the distance.




There is always time to take a nap in the afternoon.





CIMG3951  And we have happy hour usually every day at 4 pm and not always with booze.  We gather and share what we did that day and maybe plan what to do tomorrow.  Here are some of the snacks we served this week.  They are seafood poppers with the recipe coming from our Escapee Class of 2007, Jim and Nancy Tidball. So yummy with cream cheese, crab meat and shrimp!


CIMG3949 CIMG3950

We do some work on our rigs like Marty Cassidy here putting in a new window in his door that he bought in Algodones, Mexico.

We get WONDERFUL sunrises and sunsets here in Arizona.  Here is a sunrise and its reflection in the Mossman’s windows…striking!

CIMG3943 CIMG3947

The days are lazy with reading outside, tanning and dinners together, along with our normal household chores of dusting continuously, laundry, cooking and washing dishes.  It’s a wonderful lifestyle and we love it!

Remember, you are loved also!!!!

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  1. Yummy Poppers ! And that reflection photo is ever so fine !


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